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Xayne Character In Garena Free Fire how to get Xayne character?

Xayne character: Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. Players on the Android platform can download the update directly from the Google Play Store or by using the APK and OBB files of the game.

Free Fire recently received the OB27 update, which brought a series of new features, and UI modifications. The update also introduced two new characters, named Maro and Xyane characters, to the game.

Apart from the new characters, several other features will also be added to Free Fire with the OB 27 update. These are the some of new features that the developers have announced so far given below:

  • Changes in the clash Squad store
  • New gun: kord
  • New Revival mechanism
  • Ability balancing
  • Alterations in the character UI and leveling system
  • Merging of awakened and normal abilities
  • Permanent introduction of Bermuda Remastered

Like most characters in the game, Xayne character has special abilities that can help players in a match. With the inclusion of Maro and Xayne, Free Fire now has 39 characters. However, we only talk about the character Xayne in this Article.

How to download the Free Fire OB27 most recent update? Download links APK+OBB

About XAYNE Character In Free Fire

Xayne has an ability called Xtreme Encounter. According to her in-game description, Xayne is a fancy or excessive athlete who enjoys traveling. She has an active ability called Xtreme encounter.

Xtreme ability provides the player with 80 HP for a limited time. It also increases damage to gloo walls and shields by 40%. The effects remain for 10 seconds and have a cooldown of 150 seconds. At its highest level (level6), Xtreme Encounter does 100 percent damage to gloo walls and shields. However, the cooldown time is reduced to 100 seconds.

Free Fire users can get Xayne via the Xayne Top Up event. It offers a certain HP advantage to players on the battleground. However, DJ Alok’s ability is overall more useful than Xayne’s. It depends on an individual’s playing style to prioritizing one over the other character solely because the choice of the character is an individual decision.

About XAYNE Character In Free Fire: All you need to know about

Characters play an important role in Free Fire. Each individual of them, except for Primis and Nulla, possesses special abilities that help users on the virtual battleground. The Free Fire introduces new characters to the game using the OB27 update, which is set to be released on April 14, will add a new character known as Xayne to the game.

The character was already available in the OB27 Advance Server, where certain players were able to test out her abilities. As stated above, Xayne was arrived in Free Fire with the OB27 update with an active ability we have already talked about above that is Xtreme Encounter.


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