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Where to find Ice-Type Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Ice-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go has been popular for several reasons. There are 3 main reasons.

  1. They are a bonafide counter to the tricky Dargon-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.
  2. Ice-type Pokemon moves are varied and deal solid damage,
  3. Many of them look especially unique in contrast to the other types in the game.

Weavile and Mamoswine also stronger attackers in Pokemon Go when given the appropriate move set. Given these reasons, it’s no secret that players will often search for Ice-Types Pokemon and wherever they can be found.

In Pokemon Go events, Spotlight Hours and Community Dayes are more chances to get Ice-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Finding Ice-Type Pokemon in the wild

Ice-Type Pokemon can be found in Pokemon GO in most areas, there are regions in particular that appear to make batter spawn rates regardless of the weather. Namely, bodies of water seem to increase the appearance of Ice-type Pokemon.

Grassy areas have additionally spawned Ice-Types. It also goes without saying that if players are closer to the cold areas and snowy areas, they are likely to have much better luck in their search.

Additionally, there is one more helpful method that will require Pokecoins and can almost guarantee the spawning Ice-Types

Glacial Lures module can be attached to Pokestops and attract Pokemon to that particular stop for 30 minutes and in particular, several Pokemon which are at least partially Ice-Type will spawn near a Glacial Lure.

List of Ice-Type Pokemon near Glacial Lure

  1. Shellder:- Water-type Pokemon but evolved to Ice-Type
  2. Seal:- Water-type Pokemon but evolved to Ice-Type
  3. Sneasel
  4. Swinub
  5. Feebas
  6. Snorunt
  7. Spheal
  8. Clamperl
  9. Piplum
  10. Finneon
  11. Snover

A profit perk to the Glacial Lure is that it allows player’s Eevee to evolve into Glaceon, one of many Eevee-solutions that will be essential for collectors. Glacial Lures, in particular, are available Pokemon GO’s in-game shop for 200 Pokecoins.

For the time, this is the only way to catch them and they have appeared as task rewards in the past. If players don’t want to spend money on Pokecoins, some may be able to place their Pokemon in gyms to defend them.

Doing so will accrue Pokecoins over time, allowing these obtain to be less difficult to acquire than they appear.

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