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Top Five Flying types Move-in Pokemon Go

Following are the Top Five Flying types Move-in Pokemon Go

  1. BRAVE Bird
  2. Hurricane
  3. Sky Attack
  4. Drill Peck
  5. Aerial Ace

BRAVE Bird:-

Brave Bird is the best flying-type attack for Pokemon Go. Players to use in battle. Brave Bird brings down a whopping 130 damage on its foes at the same energy cost of Hurricane at 100. Cool downtime for this move is two seconds. and it down out the opponent in between the 1.6-sec animation interval.

It will make for a quick victory against Fighting, Bug, Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


Hurricane is the most powerful Flying-type attack in Pokemon GO. Charged move deals an incredible 110 damage to opponents, though that’s at the cost of expending 100 energy. The coolDown time of the Hurricane is 2.7 seconds and the punishes the enemy time is 1.2 and 2.4 seconds animation duration.

Sky Attack :-

SKY Attack is the 3rd best attack in the Pokemon Go game. It deals the most damage of any move, inflicting 80 points worth of it.it also costs slightly more energy than the previous two attacks at 50.

Skt Attack only has a 2 sec. cool down period& inflicts its pain on the enemy between the 1.5 & 1.7 sec. animation period.

Drill Peck :-

Drill Peck is a better move than Areal Ace’s. The attack damage dealt is 65 & costs energy is 33. Drill Peak has a 2.3 sec. cooldown time and inflicts damage between the 1.7 &2-1 sec animation intervals.

Aerial Ace:-

Aerial Ace is a decent flying move in Pokemon Go. it’s very far from the best one. This attack deals with a medicore 55 damage against enemies and costs 33 energy to use.

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Coll down time of Aerial Ace Attack is 2.4 seconds & inflicts damage between the 1.9 & 2.2 seconds animation window.


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