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Top five Fighting Type Moves in Pokemon Go

The Fighting-type is a key player in Pokemon that can deal with competitive nightmares like the defensive titan Registeel and the offensive menace Amomasnow.

Players should note that this relies explicitly on damage calculations and resources for PvP in Pokemon Go.

  • Close Combat
  • Dynamic Punch
  • Aura Sphere
  • Sacred Sword
  • Counter

Close Combat:-

Close type is a Fighting-type go-to move for kill the opposing Pokemon and it takes a hot second to charge up, needing 100 energy, still, it’s worth every second’s thanks to its 100 base power.

And accompanying 43.5 DPS.43.5 DPS may not seem like much after seeing Scared Sward but this move is out of the norm and the average Pokemon will be more than content with a move’s like this.

Dynamic Punch:-

Dynamic Punch move may not hit as hard as other fighting type moves with its 33.3 DPS. Energy cost of Dynamic Punch is 50.Dynamic Punch hits fast enough while doing enough damage to make it to go-to move for lot of Pokemon.

Aura Sphere:-

Aura Sphere is better then sacred Sward.Over all DPS of Aura Sphere is 55.6 and needing only 50 energy and it can melt just about any opponent in no time at all.

It’s slightly slower than Sacred Sward, but that increased DPS is more than worth it.

Aura Sphare is an exclusive move to Luvario-which is not a Legendary Pokemon.

Sacred Sword:-

Sacred Sword is an incredible move’s with a solid DPS of 50 & needing only 33 energy to go off. Sacred Sword deals hefty damage at a rapid pace.

Sacred Sword is a very exclusive move and it was learned only by Cobalion. Colbalion is a solid steel and fighting type Pokemon that performs quite well in battle and extremely uncommon considering its legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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Counter is the most used and quick fighting move.

It is a solid Quick move, clocking at 8.9 DPS generating 7.8 EPS. Counter move deals steady damage to the opposing Pokemon while also winding up for that heavy blow to finish off a weakened opponent.


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