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Know About the Top 5 best Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite 2021

Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite: When we talk about the Battle Royale Games adaptable with low-end devices, PUBG Mobile on top of the list.

Aside from exciting battle royale matches, players can also enjoy other modes provided by the game. It is appreciated for its good graphics and interesting gameplay.

It is a version of the successful PUBG Mobile created especially for lower-middle range Android smartphones. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and builds on the original PUBG Mobile Gameplay to create action-packed Arena Mode matches lasting less than 10 minutes or 10 minutes.

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5 best Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite 2021 with decent graphics

5 best games like PUBG Mobile Lite are given below:

1.ScarFall: The Royale Combat

This battle royale title is most popular for its thrilling gameplay and easy controls. the choice to customize the look of their character is given to players. Powerful guns and scopes can be used by players, which will allow players to shoot enemies with ease, While looting, players can pick up one secondary weapon and two primary weapons.

2.PVP Shooting Battle 2021 Online and Offline game

Similar to PUBG Mobile Lite, the Battle Royale game mode of this title is surely dignitary of a player’s time. Users can also enjoy a single-player campaign and over 20 missions offline.

There are other modes offered by the game like the training mode, army war mode, etc. The file size is only 91 MB for shooting battle2021 Online and Offline.

3.Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

Players can play this game even without an internet connection and enjoy the single-player campaigns offered by Cover Fire, Offline Shooting Games.

This game has shooting and survival elements, more like PUBG Mobile Lite. The game is popular and appreciated for its customizable controls and graphics.

4.Free survival: fire battlegrounds

The practical weapons provided by this battle royale game will surely remind users of PUBG Mobile Lite. This title can be downloaded for free and can also be enjoyed offline.

The buildings and shelters around the map also provide good loot which helps the players in their quest to survive. The gameplay of the title will make mobile gamers feel at home.

5.Battle Royale 3D:Warrior63

The battle royale map of this title covers an area of4*4km. Players in this game have quite a few vehicles that can use to travel around the map.

This is compatible with low-end devices. The Battle Royale 3D allows users to take part in exciting battle royale matches that last for about 15 minutes.

All these games are similar to PUBG Mobile lite give you a good experience after playing.


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