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Method to Catch Pokemon Swirlix in Pokemon Go

Today Pokemon Go is one of the top-played handheld games. Mobile applications take the help of Ar’s capabilities to create an authentic catching experience for the players.

To win the battles it is advisable for the players to be well versed with the stats & movements of as many as they can.

Swirlix is a Fairy-type with a max CP of 1333, 109 attacks 119 defense, and 158 stamina.

It was found in the Kalos region (Gen 6). Swirlix is vulnerable to poison and steel-type moves. Swirilix boosted by cloudy weather. Swirlix best moves are Tackle and Draining

Swirlix best moves sets are ordered by wave,cycle DPS.

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Methods to Catch Pokemon Swirlix in Pokemon Go

Trainers can expect of Swirlix, as well as Goomy, Spritzee, Dratini & Ralts, among others, it is almost a guarantee that Swirlix will appear before a trainer during this event

Other way to encounter this creature, through for those may have trouble finding it in the wild for some reason. Timed Research & Field Research mission may grant an encounter.

The trainers can cross their fingers for Swirlix to hatch from EGG.7KM EGGS will host the likes of Swirilix, Azurill, Spritzee, Gible, Lgglybuff, &Cleffa.

Capacity of Swirlix

WeaknessPoison/ Steel
Height0.4 m
Weight3.5 kg
AbilitySweet Veil
CategoryCotton Candy Pokemon


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