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Know about the 3 best sniper gun in Free Fire

3 best sniper gun in Free Fire: Free Fire, is one of the most famous mobile games in the battle royale game, has a great following in India due to its immersive gaming experience in all range of smartphone devices.

Free Fire provides its users a wide range of weapons with various strengths and weaknesses. The game has 3 sniper rifles for effective long-range combat: the AWM, the kar98k, and the M82B.

With different strength and weaknesses the game has lots of weapons in its weaponry but not many of them are effective at long range.

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The AWM, the Kar98k, and the M82B- these are the three sniper rifles in the Free Fire sniper weapon class for effective long-range combat.

Here, we can talk about these sniper rifles and rank them on the basis of their capabilities.

Know about the 3 Best Sniper Guns in Free Fire


In Free Fire the Kar98k is a well- balanced sniper gun which is pre-furnished with an 8x scope and can even compete with the AWM in body-shot damage percentage.

The Kar98k in Free Fire has a damage rate of 90 and a range of 84, which is a pretty impressive stat. Due to its lower headshot multiplier the Kar98k can’t really finish a target in one hit during headshots.


The Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM), is the king of sniper rifles in Free Fire. It has range and accuracy stats of 91 and 90 respectively. It has hidden headshot bonus damage.

AWM deals with damage of 90, which is equal to the damage rates of all other sniper rifles in Free Fire. Players will be skilled to one-shot targets wearing level 3 helmets.

However, the only drawback or limit of this weapon is that it can only be found in airdrops. The pre-equipped 8x scopes make the gun totally lethal in long-range combat.


M82B was newly added to Free Fire arsenal and absolutely packs a lot of power. It has an accuracy of 90 and range of 85. It provides bonus damage to gloo walls and vehicles.

It is a very versatile weapon because of its several special abilities. The M82B also has another special ability up in its sleeves: it can pierce armor. Against targets with armor the gun can deal extra damage on body-shots.

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Lastly, we can say that all the sniper rifles are good according to their capabilities and if we rank these three then on first position AWM -M82B-Kar98k.

However, the choice of weapon vary person to person. The choice of guns totally depends on the players and their preferences.


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