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How we can find the Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go: This is one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This type of Pokemon can be difficult to catch for players.

These are some of the more difficult encounters across in the game, Some players get lucky and find them on a windy day near the water. It is based on your luck. There are 72 types of dragon Pokemon in the Pokemon game.

To move around the Pokemon world we will surely find this type of Pokemon. While playing the game your position in the real world does matter.

How closer you get the water for Pokemon the more likely you are to come across a water-type Pokemon.

Pure dragon type have only three weakness, with those being ice,dragon and fairy moves.

The most common location for this type of Pokemon is a golf course and Landmarks. Landmarks can be famous bridges & tourist destinations.

This Pokemon may also enjoy the golf course due to the sprawling hills and plenty of lost golf balls to board. That time players encountering the Pokemon.

Windy days players get Pokemon. While it may not be ideal for walking around and adventuring, these types of Mons are more likely to spawn when this type of weather is noted by the game.

Large city players also get dragon Pokemon.

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Confirmed Location of Dragon-type Pokemon

  • Golf Course
  • landmarks
  • Parks
  • large city districts
  • windy days

Hence, users can go to these locations and make more interesting and enjoy the game.


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