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How To Use Light Machine Guns in Free Free

LMG (Light Machine Gun) is a rather heavy weapon class a combination between the SMG and the AR. It is the limited used weapon class in Free-Fire.

All three weapons in the Light Machine Guns class get massive buffs – a “machine gun mode” that activates upon crouching.

Here, we are going to talk about how we would list out everything you need to know about LMG in Free Fire.

These Light Machine Guns in Free Fire

  1. Kord
  2. M60
  3. Trivia
  4. M249


This is the strongest machine gun mode bonus out of the three weapons. The Kord seems to be a midway choice between the M60 and the M249, with average damage, magazine size, and fire rate.

Garena has decided to add another gun to the light machine gun class.

The best part about this gun is its special ability, however, when crouched, the Kord would get a +5% rate of fire and the ability to fire 3 shots at once.

2. M60

When M60 crouched, the M60 would get an extra 28% fire rate, which increases its DPS greatly. We can use the M60 in mid-range just like an AR – try to get a bipod to upgrade its stability even further.

It is the most basic Light Machine Guns in Free Fire – is just a slightly vary assault rifle with a bigger magazine.


When the real-life versions of these weapons are super heavy, it is greatly ironic that this class is called LMG (Light Machine Guns). In combat, these guns have to be mounted onto vehicles or fixed in a position- not carrying around by one person in Free Fire.

And their shell is supposed to be very heavy as well.


It is last but not least the M249 Airdrop-only is an upgraded version of the M60. Except for its range and magazine size, its stats are about the same level.

We can definitely dish out enough damage to clear the whole enemy squad with 77 range, 100 bullets in its magazine, and +5 damage to clear the whole enemy squad.

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Hence, by using these Light Machine Guns we will be more stronger player in a game.


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