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In Free Fire how to obtain the Skywing MK1 for free

New Skywing MK1 for free: Garena from time to time introduces new features in Free Fire to provide users with a fresh experience.

Just a few days ago the latest OB27 patch was released and brought in various creative features and adjustments that have maintained the entire game. One of the new features to be added is the Skywing MK1.

While players jump from the plane, the vehicle will likely replace the surfboard and parachute. Here, we talk about an overview of how users can obtain the Skywing for free in Garena Free Fire.

The New Skywing Mk1 will be available for users from April 24, 2021, recommended that they log in daily from the starting of the event.

Process of Obtaining the New Skywing Mk1 for free in Free Fire

The in-game description of the Skywing Mk1 defines that:

{A basic mode. Swift and agile, whoever established this must be widely resourceful}

Players will be able to obtain the new Skywing Mk1 only as a cumulative login reward as a part of the upcoming “K.O. NIGHT.” The event begins on April 18, 2021, at 4:00 AM IST. And it will draw to close on April 28, 2021, at 3:59 AM IST.

Follow these simple steps to claim it after the events started given below:

STEP 1: Players should tap on the “Calendar” icon after login oo the respective number of days.

STEP 2: After that, players must tap on the “K.O. NIGHT” section.

STEP 3: On the “Cumulative Login Reward” tab, players will be able to find the “Claim” button.

STEP 4:Upon pressing it, the reward will be redeemed.

Players will have to login to the game for a given number of days to acquire the rewards. The list of the items along with the requirements are as shown below:

  • Skywing Mk1 – Login 7 days
  • 500x Universal Fragments – Login 3 days
  • Bounty Token Play Card (14d) – Login 1 day
  • 2x Pet Food – Login 5 days

Using Free Fire Redeem Code How to obtain Ford and Kelly for free

Hence, the New Skywing Mk1 will be available for players from April 24, 2021, considering that they login daily from the starting of the event.


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