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In Garena Free Fire How to Obtain free KO Night Bundle and Skywing MK1

KO Night Bundle and Skywing MK1: KO Night in Free Fire is officially ongoing and presents customers with a lot of free objects that may be obtained from occasions. The Night shock bundle has also been made available as a reward from the Ultimate Fighter event.

Another main attraction is the Skywing MK1 which is part of the login event. Here we talk about and provide guidelines to obtaining these newest items for free in Garena Free Fire.

When and Where players can get KO Night Shock Bundle and Skywing MK1 for free in Free Fire

The Ultimate Fighter event will run from April 17th to May 2nd and provides several rewards including the new exclusive bundles.

Players have to complete daily missions to attain the KO Night Fighter Belt and the KO Ultimate Belt.

Ultimate Fighter Event in Free Fire

Some tokens can be collected after match drop, the specifics for which are given below:

  • 2x KO Night Fighter Belt – April 17 to May 2 (Max 20 daily)
  • Only on April 24 (Max 20 daily) – 2x KO Night Ultimate Belt
  • 1x KO Night Ultimate Belt – April 25 to May 2 (Max 10 daily)

Players will have to punch with different methods to defeat enemies after collecting the tokens. Opponents will drop a box that will offer a random rewards, once defeated.

Players can obtain the Bundle by defeating 7 opponents. However, the level three Fighter will drop an exclusive KO Shock Bundle. These are the Fighter rewards that they can get from the event.

The Skywing MK1 is open for grabs as an increasing login reward from April 18th onwards. To obtain it, users have to log in for a specific number of days.

In Free Fire how to obtain the Skywing MK1 for free

The items, with their requirements, are given below:

  • 500x Universal Fragments – Login 3 days
  • 2x Pet Food – Login 5 days
  • Skywing MK1 – Login 7 days
  • Bounty Token Play Card (14d) – Login 1 day


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