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How to catch Spritzee Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Spritzee is Fairy-type Pokemon. Players can found this type of pokemon in the Kalos area. It is one of the Fairy- type Pokemon Whose stats, which is 110, Defence of 113, Stamina of 186 & a max CP OF 1415 in Pokemon GO.

The first time it was introduced was in Generation 6 in the Kilos region. It is weak against Poison and Steel-type moves and its attacks get boosted by cloudy weather.

Spritzee best moves are thunderbolt (7.39 DPS) & Charm

Once encountered in the wild Spritzee’s lower catch rate can be handily increased by simple methods. With a simple ceiling of 1415 using an Ultra Ball may be preferred depending on the CP the Pokemon encountered.

Feeding the Pokemon Razz Berries provided 1.5X improvement in catch rate, and hitting it on target with a curveball bosts that total even further.

This Pokemon is very unlikely to flee from the encounter as its 10% flee rate allows for multiple throw attempts. Pokemon size may make hitting great or excellent throws difficult, they are by no means necessary to secure to catch.

Only 20% Capture rate of Spritzee.

Heighto.2 m
Weight0.5 kg

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