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How to catch Petilil in Pokemon Go

Petilil in Pokemon Go: It was recently an essential Pokemon. A lot of trainers might be wondering how to track one down without the raised encounter rate from the event.

Patilil is mono grass-type Pokemon and its evolution isn’t exactly famous. Players will only be able to capture it when the weather is sunny, and when the sun light shining in your area.

Players can also manually lure out one of these cutesy Grass-type by completing research Tasks during sustainability Week. Petilil isn’t hard to find on Pokemon Go.

Once you found a Patilil, all the usual tricks for catching Pokemon work. Toss out a Razz Berry, then through an Ultra Ball at just the right curve to snag the little grassy Pokemon.

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The process to catch petilil in Pokemon Go

Replacement, Petilil is currently in the 5 km Adventure sync egg group. It is also in the pool for Tier one Raid Bosses.

While not certainly the most common way for finding them, trainers may still want to keep an eye on nearby gyms for petilil raid.

In Pokemon games,it would evolve into a lilligant if you had it hold a Sun Stone, but those are not available in the mobile game.

SpeciesBulb Pokemon
Height0.5 m
Weight6.6 Kg
Attack35 to 67


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