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How Players catch Pancham in Pokemon Go

Pancham is a little pokemon that looks like a small Panda. It is a normal-type fighting Pokemon. In cloudy weather, we can get this Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go event makes its way to raids during luminous Legends x. The trainer will still be required to defeat it in a raid before it can be cough. It has Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves

You can give him candy or fruit and use Blue Pokeball to catch it.

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Pancham has some fast and charged attack combos

  • Confusion & Psystrike
  • Zen Headbutt & Psychic
  • Gust & Hurricane
  • Air Slash & Brave Bird
  • Charm & Moonblast
  • Charm & Play Rough

When it has been defeated in the raid, players can catch it as a reward. with a capture rate of 30%, it won’t be the easiest catch.

If players have Razz Berries on hand, they will increase the catch rate to 45%. Max Cp of is 1683,245 attack, 107 defense and stamina is 167. It is boosted by cloudy weather.

Additional Stats for Pancham

Conditions50 Candy
Category Non Legendary
Base Flee Rate9%
Buddy Distance3 km
Height0.6 m
Weight8.0 kg


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