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On Free Fire’s Bermuda Map Top 5 riskiest Drop Locations in April 2021

Bermuda map is probably one of the most popular and one of the oldest Free Fire maps. It hosts most of the classic battle royale matches. The map is the largest map in the game.

Similar to any other battle royale map, Bermuda also has some famous hot drop locations that are quite dangerous for beginners and rank pushers to land on. These locations contain decent loot but attract a crowd of players who like to have early fights.

This article provides the five most risky hot Drop Locations on Free Fire’s Bermuda map as of 2021. These locations attract many players who like to have early fights.

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What are the riskiest Drop locations on Free Fire’s Bermuda Map in April 2021?

These are the following 5 riskiest drop locations on Free Fire’s Bermuda map:


Since the release of game, the Peak has consistently been one of the most famous hot drops. The area is located on an upraised plateau, consisting of three or two compounds with a decent amount of loot.

This location being at the center of the map attracts most of the horde and hosts most of the early fights. The Peak has constantly been popular in 2021.

2.Clock Tower

On Free Fire’s Bermuda map, the infamous Clock Tower is presently the most crowded hot drop. Clock Tower, situated on the western side of the Bermuda map, is also to two other hot drop locations:

Bimasakti Strip


Players who are pushing ranks are strictly recommended not to land here because the crowd level in this area is high. If you’re fairly new to the game, then you may want to land in a low-risk area.

3.Mars Electric

On the Bermuda Map, Mars Electric is located at the southern edge or side. It is a very large area that offers a large amount of loot to players. However the place is not always horded, it often features a lot of early fights.

It is isolated from the rest of the map because it is one of the most riskiest locations on the Bermuda map. Once player involve in a fight, it is challenging to escape the area without finishing the fight.

4.Bimasakti Strip

The Bimasakti Strip in Free Fire features two compounds of buildings across a strip of road. Both of these compounds host a reasonable amount of loot and even provide level 3 gear. It oversees chaotic gunfights every time the path of flight is near and over Bimasakti as this location shares the core of the map.


The Mill is a place that is limited in loot but oversees several teams landing for early fights. It is located at the northeastern side or edge of the map, adjoining by rock mountains and large waterbody.

It is risky for beginners or passive players who tend to avoid fights. However, it is a very small place and is ideal for short and intense fights.


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