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Free Fire Bangla New Year Event: Mission and Rewards Disclosed

Play Games and win Rewards with Free Fire Bangla New Year event and have a cheerful new year. Free Fire features several in-game items, and they can often be purchased by using the premium currency: Diamonds from the store.

Some of the best ways for players are the events and redeem codes to lay their hands on exclusive items for free. Garena regularly introduces events to commemorate special occasions like festivals and participations. However, users have to complete tasks to collect the rewards.

The developers have introduced the Free Fire Bangla New Year Event to celebrate the Bangla New Year. It provides players an opportunity to obtain exciting rewards including various vouchers, an exclusive Flaming Red bundle, and universal fragments.

Mission and Rewards disclosed for Free Fire Bangla New Year event

The total or complete Bangla New Year event will start from 15 April 2021, 4:00AM IST, to 16 April 2021,3:59AM IST. Players will have to play the game and complete specific tasks or missions to acquire the items.

Here is all a list of all Bangla New Year rewards beside corresponding missions:

  • Play 1 minute- Flaming Red(Head) (7 days) – Play 1 minute
  • Flaming Red(Shoes) (7 days)-Play 20 minutes
  • Flaming Red(Mask) (7 days) – Play 1 minute
  • Flaming Red(Bottom)(7 days) – Play 20 minutes
  • Flaming Red(Top)(7days) – Play 20 minutes
  • Diamond Royale Voucher – Play 20 minutes
  • 500x Universal Fragments – Play 30 minutes
  • 3x Weapon Royale Voucher – 2 Booyah’s in CS mode
  • Diamond Royale Voucher – Play 50 minutes

Once completing the given missions, players will have to manually obtain each reward. They can do so by clicking on the claim button alongside the individual items in the Bangla New Year section under the events Tab.

How to Obtain the New Star Oracle Bundle in Free Fire

With new features and events getting introduced in-game by Garena every now and then. This time Free Fire has introduced Bangla New Year event. Hence, all players may enjoy this event.


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