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Five tips for Players Starting Pokemon Go in 2021

Pokemon GO starts in 2016 but some players are just beginning their journey in the game. Some players who first started playing Pokemon Go shortly after its initial release may have lost interest due to a lack of features in the game.

  1. Use Lucky Eggs sparingly
  2. Use Berries on Pokemon you want to catch
  3. Turn off AR Mode
  4. Save up your Candy
  5. Always have an egg in an incubator

Use Lucky Eggs sparingly :-

Lucky Eggs are one of the most useful items for players in Pokemon Go. Because they double the amount of XP a player earns for a short period of time.

It’s important to use lucky eggs in a way to maximize their effects, which can be done using several methods.

One way is to activate a lucky egg while simultaneously using an incense. That way, a player will have plenty of Pokemon around them to catch & earn XP form.

Another great time to use lucky Eggs is during special events.

Use Berries on Pokemon you want to catch

There are different Barries available for player to use in Pokemon Go. Some has been around since when the game is start,and other were added later on.

Barries allow players to maximize their catches and includes making a Pokemon easier to catch and even rewarding players more candies.

Turn off AR Mode :-

Trainers who wish to make the many of their time playing Pokemon Go should simply disable this feature to add more fun and AR mode seems.

AR mode make more difficult to catch Pokemon and reduce phone battery much quicker.

Save up your Candy:-

Candy is important item in Pokemon Go.It allows players to evolve their Pocket Monsters into powerful creatures..

It can take a lot of candies to evolve certain species of Pokemon in the game , so it’s best not to waste them.

Always have an egg in an incubator :-

Hatching eggs is one of the most important elements of Pokemon Go That has been released in 2016 when the game is released.

The trainer should always be sure to have an egg in an incubator before heading out for a walk to catch Pokemon.

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