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Every upcoming event arriving in Pokemon Go on May 2021

Pokemon Go has a variety of events that will be going on during the month of May 2021. Trainers have a lot to be excited about for this month’s event calendar, with several events of all different kinds taking place over the course of May.

Some of these special occasions are ones that trainers will want to prepare for before they begin.
There will be a total of four Spotlight days in the month of May in Pokemon Go and the dates as well as Pokemon featured and reward bonuses, are listed below.

  • May 4th Cottonee with 2X cath candy
  • May 11th- Dratini with 2X transfer candy
  • May 18th-Alolan Rattata with 2x evolution XP
  • May 25th-Marill with 2x catch stardust

Galarian Ponyta Research Breakthrough Encounter

Starting May 1st through the entire month, each time a trainer achieves a Research Breakthrough in Pokemon they’ll get an encounter with the highly-desired Galarain ponyta.

Trainers should make the most of these encounters & be sure to give catching the Pokemon their best shot. IT is quite rare and can be a valued addition to the team.

Legends x Luminous:-

Luminous Legends X is one of the most exciting celebrations event coming to the mobile game this month and this event focus on the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas, will take place from May 4th-17th.

5-star raids will be appearing in the Xerneas, but there are several other exciting additions coming to Pokemon during this event, and the rainy lure module item will be introduced some pocket monsters will gain the chance to learn charged moves, Dragon/Fairy-types will be appearing more often in the wild.

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Community Day:-

May Community Day will take place on Saturday, the 15th of the month, and the featured Pokemon spawning more Frequently in the wild will be swablu or the first evolution of Altaria.

The event will be going on from 11 a.m to 5 p.m local time. Trainers who evolve as Swablu during this time, or up to two hours afterward, will be rewarded with an Altaria that knows the move Moonblast.


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