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3 best Free Fire character combinations for Clash Squad mode in 2022

Best Free Fire character combinations for Clash Squad mode in 2022: Free Fire is a battle royale game that provides various items such as characters, emotes, gun skins, and many more. Free Fire also provides lots of game modes that are unique, and one of the primary ones available in the game is Clash Squad.

Two teams of four players, two players in each, Warbringers and Howlers, face off in seven rounds. Characters play an important role in the performance of the gamers because of their unique abilities.

The game also permits players to create amazing unique combinations i.e. add other characters’ abilities by taking skill slots. Gamers have benefits if they have optimal combinations. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the 3 best Free Fire character combinations for Clash Squad mode in 2022.

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List of the best character combinations for Clash Squad in Free Fire (2022)

Here, a list of the three best character combinations in Free Fire for Clash is given below:

  • Dimitri + Thiva + Rafael + Laura
  • Alok + Jota + Jai + Luqueta
  • Wukong + Kla + Antonio + Moco

1. Dimitri + Thiva + Rafael + Laura

Characters Abilities

Dimitri Healing Heartbeat

Thiva Vital Vibes

Laura Sharp Shooter

Rafael Dead Silent

Upon using Healing Heartbeat a 3.5 diameter healing area is generated, and while inside the healing zone users and their allies obtain three health points every second. They will be able to self-recover and revive again themselves if they get knocked out.

The zone that is made will last for 15 seconds, followed by a 60 seconds cooldown period of time.

Thiva’s ability is known as Vital Vibes raises rescue speed by about 22 percent. The revived ally will also gain 40 Health Points in 5 seconds time.

Laure’s ability is known as Sharp Shooter it provides players with a 35 percent increase in accuracy when Scoped in.

Dead Silent is the ability of the character Rafael. At the time of using snipers and marksmen rifles, a silencing effect will be applied. Those gamers who are hit and downed also get 45% faster Health Point (HP) loss.

2. Alok + Jota + Jai + Luqueta

Characters Name Abilities

Alok Drop the Beat

Jota Sustained Raids

Jai Raging Reload

Luqueta Hat Trick

Alok’s ability the Drop the Beat is usually the top best skill in Free Fire, and it may be utilized to provide a healing aura. Players will obtain five HP every second, and their movement speed will be improved by 15 percent.

This effect remains for approximately 10 seconds and is followed by a 45 second cooldown time period.

Jota’s ability is known as Sustained Raids and it will help to strike against team players using guns, they recover HP. However, knocking out an enemy would grant individual players 20 percent health.

Jai’s ability ranging Reload quickly reloads 45 percent of the gun’s magazine capacity after an enemy is knocked down. A weapon like AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG the ability will be applied on them only.

Luqueta skill Hat Trick is used to raise maximum health by 25 points with each kill, to a maximum of 50 Health points. These combinations are great for Clash Squad mode.

3. Wukong + Kla + Antonio + Moco

Characters Name Abilities

Wukong Camouflage

Kla Muay Thai

Antonio Gangster’s Spirit

Moco Hacker’s Eye

Wukong’s skill is known as Camouflage, which permits him to turn into a bush for about 15 seconds at that time decreasing movement speed by 20%. However, after the player attacks, this conversion ends.

After the Camouflage skill is activated, there are 200 seconds of cooldown time. However, it is reset when an enemy is knocked out.

Kla’s ability is known as Muay Thai provides a 400 percent improvement in first damage and close-range combat.

Antonio’s Gangster’s Spirit skill permits players to get 35 more health points at the beginning of each round, giving them 235 maximum health points.

Moco’s ability named Hacker’s Eye marks them for five seconds, after hitting a foe and their location is also provided to teammates. All these combinations of characters are great for Cash Squad in Free Fire.

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