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Best Top Five Electric-type Moves in Pokemon Go

Electric Moves in Pokemon Go: When we talk about electric Pokemon our mind speaks of one name Pikachu one of the most beloved Pokemon. Electric-type Pokemon have always been held in quite a high regard.

The franchise’s resident rodent mascot, Pikachu, is an Electric-type, after all. The fact alone has probably done wonders for Electric’s reputation.

These Electrifying moves fare best when utilized against Water and Flying-type challengers in battle. Electric-type attacks are best left to the sidelines when facing Ground, Dragon, and other Electric Pokemon.

Name of Electric-type Moves in Pokemon Go

  1. Zap Cannon
  2. Thunder
  3. Wild Charge
  4. Thunderbolt
  5. Discharge

Zap Cannon

Zap Cannon is the best Electric move in Pokemon Go. This charge attack expends 100 energy when utilized in battle but zips opponents with 140 points of damage.

The only true drawback of jack cannon is that it has a lengthy cooldown period of 3.7 sec.

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Zap cannon deals damage and paralyzes the target if it hits. Paralyzed Pokemon have a 25% chance of not being able to attack, and their speed is decreased by 50%(75% in Generations 1-6).

Accuracy 50
PP5 (Max. 8)


If Electric types tend to be speedy and offensive, then thunder is the absolute epitome of that concept. Currently standing at 110 base power with a shaky accuracy of 70% it’s equivalent to the ICE type Blizzard.

Thunder charge is an interesting move in Pokemon Go. It deals the same amount of damage points as it expends in energy.

Electric-type attack slams enemies with 100 damage. This move as well as all others on the list is boosted by the effects of rainy weather in the game.

Thunder has a 2.4 sec. cooldown time.

PP10(Max. 16)

Wild Charge

It comes to physical Electric moves that deal huge damage & inflict recoil,Volt Tackle would generally trump wild charge.Its a good deal stronger 120 power versus 90.

The charge attack has a 2.6 sec. cooldown and harms the enemy in between the 1.7 and 2.1 sec. animation intervals.

Type Electric


Thunderbolt beats out of the move Discharge. It inflicts more damage on an opponent’s Pokemon.

Thunderbolt attack deals 80 points of damage, though it requires a heftier energy cost of 50 to use. The cooldown period of Thunderbolt is 2.5 sec.



Discharges start the top Electric-type moves to use in Pokemon Go. It’s far from the best, this charged attack still has its uses in the game.

Discharge shocks enemies with 65 damage & only costs 33 energy to use.

The cool down time is 2.5 sec.

Discharge has a sizeable 90 base power and 100% Accuracy but does come at the risk of hurting your Pokemon if you are not in a single battle.



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