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We need to know how will Battlegrounds Mobile India differ from PUBG Global?

Battlegrounds Mobile India has some features that the PUBG Global version Mobile does not have. Now the most widely spreading news on the internet about Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is the new name of the PUBG Mobile that Indian gamers have been waiting for.

It was made the clear day before yesterday that the title will be changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, Fans are expected that the game to be called PUBG Mobile India till yesterday.

Recently, the PUBG Mobile India social handles have been officially changed to its new name i.e., Battlegrounds Mobile India. Users got a trace of the change a couple of days ago when the URL of the YouTube page of the game changed to


and the Facebook username changed to “BattlegroundsMobileIN.”

Day before yesterday, the YouTube channel named as Battlegrounds Mobile India which is previously named as PUBG Mobile India.

KRAFTON.Inc also came up with a website allocated to Battlegrounds India. The PUBG Mobile India website was taken down. The creators also launch a 10-seconds-long teaser of the game, which shows the COMING SOON message.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will be different from PUBG Mobile Global version

Now, only these are simple ways in which Battlegrounds Mobile India can vary from the Global version of PUBG Mobile.

Players under 18 years will not be able to play games for more than 3 hours a day now. More information will come to light after the release of the title.

They are given below:

  • Restricted spending
  • Exclusive in-game events
  • Restricted play-time

KRAFTON.Inc. has decided to down the game time for the players under the age of 18 years. Users will only be able to play Battlegrounds India for three hours a day.

The limit is also up to INR 7000 for each player when it comes to investing money to purchase skins and accessories by the title.

If a player is below 18 years of age, they will ask to give the mobile phone number of your Parents or guardian for confirmation that you are legally eligible to enjoy the game.

For the Battlegrounds Mobile India players, it was also disclosed that there will be an exclusive in-game event. The game will come with various types of outfits and costumes, taking in mind its influencing audience.

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