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How to download Apex Legends Mobile on an Android device: Pre-registration, Release date, Download link

Apex Legends Mobile: The game has set a new standard in gaming when it comes to advanced gunfights. Therefore, the special abilities of each character make the role of any teammate more important.

Each Player in Apex Legends must be skilled in certain aspects of the game if they wish to make them useful in a team. Players can have a taste of early gameplay right from the start of May because the Developers said in a statement that they will begin the beta testing at the ending of Spring.

EA ( Electronic Arts ) and Respawn Entertainment have officially announced a mobile version of Apex Legends, a famous cross-platform battle royale game.

The game will start later this month in India and the Philippines before it slowly becomes available around the world.

In the blog post, Game Director of the Apex Legends assured fans that Apex Legends Mobile will stay true to the original game. However, the game will not support cross-play with PC or consoles.

In a blog post, Chad Grenier the Game director, said:

“Beginning later this month, we are kicking off the first regional beta tests for Apex Legends Mobile.[…] We’re keeping things small to start -Just a few thousand players in India and Philippines- but over the course of this year we’re planning to roll the game out to more regions and more players around the world

Apex Legends Mobile will have streamlined touch screen controls or limits and optimizations that will increase the mobile battle royale experience for users.

A battle royale match in Apex Legends Mobile will have 20 squads of 3 members each. The total number of players will limited to 60.

As per their tactical approach, players can opt for any Legendary hero provided by the game. Chad Grenier said the mobile version will stay true to the original Game.

How to download Apex Legends Mobile: Download link

Users can follow some simple steps are given below to download Apex Legends Mobile:

STEP 1: Users must search for Apex Legends on the Google Play Store.

STEP 2: Players, after that, can tap on the green “Pre-register” option.

STEP 3:A dialogue Box will appear, asking for confirmation.

STEP 4: Then, users can click on the “OK” button.

How to pre-enroll for Apex Legends Mobile on Google Play Store

Note: This article is for beginners. However, these steps may seem obvious to you, many new users often search for these steps.


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